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Central acupuncture hospital

Development process of central acupuncture hospital

Central acupuncture institute was established under Decision No. 369 / QD - BYT dated April 24, 1982 of the Minister of Health. The acupuncture institute that is separated from the infrastructure is the Acupuncture department of the Institute of Oriental Medicine located at 29 Nguyen Binh Khiem street, Hanoi with 30 beds, a team of physicians including 50 staff members. In 1988, the Institute moved to a new facility at 49 Thai Thinh Street, Dong Da, Hanoi.

June 18, 2003 The acupuncture institute was renamed the Central Acupuncture Hospital under Decision No. 2214 / BYT-QD. Up to now, the hospital has continuously developed in all aspects with the scale of 440 beds, the number of chiefessays.net and 595 employees, including 345 staff members.
In 2016, the Central Acupuncture Hospital was approved by the Ministry of Health to deploy a general medical examination department, receiving and treating patients with primary health insurance.

Main Functions and Tasks

  • Examination, emergency, treatment and functional rehabilitation for patients at the highest levels by non-drug methods: acupuncture, massage, acupressure, nursing ... according to the identity of ancient medical theory and techniques Vietnamese ethnic transmission.
  • Scientific research: Learn the mechanism of acupuncture, step by step modernize acupuncture.
  • Training and retraining specialized acupuncturists. The hospital is a practice base of traditional medicine and pharmacy schools, participating in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching specializing in acupuncture at home and abroad.
  • Direct the technical transfer of acupuncture under Project 1816 to 64 provinces nationwide.
  • International cooperation in exchange of experience, training, joint venture, association and scientific research on acupuncture; to build international cooperation centers on acupuncture, acupressure massage, and qigong life in Vietnam.
  • Hospital management: Organizing and operating under the Hospital Regulations, effectively using the hospital's resources, complying with the State's regulations.
  • Disease prevention: Organize education and communication on health care and protection. combine treatment and counseling, and build models of community-based rehabilitation.
  • The hospital accepts patients with difficult to treat diseases such as: Hemiplegia due to stroke in adults, paralysis due to sequelae encephalitis in children, facial paralysis, vision loss or loss, deafness secondary, types of nerve paralysis, pain such as headache, insomnia, backache, sciatica, cancer pain, support drug addiction ...
  • Every day, the hospital receives surgery on all kinds of surgery easy demonstration speech ideas with anesthesia - a unique oriental medicine aimed at reducing anesthetics, anesthesia is toxic to the body. Patients soon recover their health and limit unwanted effects in various types of surgery such as: Goiter surgery, uterine fibroid surgery, ovarian cysts, breast tumors, gastric bypass, cholecystectomy, stones bile, ureteral stones, bladder stones, kidney stones, testicular effusion, bile-bile cysts, collarbone surgery, forearm bone surgery ...

Organizational structure

Councils in the Hospital:

  • Board of manager.
  • Science and Technology Council of the Hospital
  • Drug and Therapeutic Council.
  • Hospital Quality Management Council
  • Professional Council
  • Emulation, Reward and Discipline Council
  • Other Hospital Councils are established by the Hospital Director according to need and operate in accordance with the law.

The number of hospital departments is 38 of which:

7 function rooms:

  • Integrated planning Department
  • Organization and staff
  • Medical equipment supplies and administration department
  • Information technology room
  • Nursing Room
  • Quality management Department
  • Financial Accounting
  • Vietnamese acupuncture centers and magazines
  • Training center and directing line
  • Vietnam high-tech acupuncture center
  • Journal of acupuncture Vietnam
  • Drug addiction treatment research center with acupuncture

21 clinical faculties:

  • General medical examination department
  • Department of inpatient day treatment
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics Department
  • Department of treatment and care for autistic children
  • Emergency resuscitation department
  • Department of Surgical Anesthesia
  • Comprehensive treatment department
  • Department of International Treatment
  • Faculty of international acupuncture cooperation and development
  • Department of Nutrition, massage, reflexology
  • The Faculty of the Five Values includes:
    • Ear, Nose Throat Clinic and Treatment
    • Dental clinic and treatment
    • Eye clinic and treatment
  • Department of treatment and care for children with cerebral palsy
  • Child language kinesthetic treatment department
  • Less invasive spine treatment
  • Geriatrics Department
  • Department of memory and sleep disorders
  • Medical examination and treatment on request
  • Department of Dietetics
  • Faculty of Men's Studies
  • Rehabilitation stroke department

5 subclinical departments:

  • Scientific laboratory
  • Faculty of functional exploration
  • Imaging dept
  • Department of infection control
  • Faculty of Pharmacy

CENTRAL CLINIC HOSPITAL - 49 Thai Thinh, Dong Da, Hanoi

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Phone: 024 3562 7451 - Email: chamcuu mưa